Our 2019 Graduates
The Lord's Outreach School of Theology Intl. Graduates
Dr. Bobby Brumley - rec'd Doctorate Degree in Theology
Minister Lenix Willis - rec'd Bachelor's Degree in Theology
Minister Charles Taylor - rec'd Associate's Degree in Theology
CMNI School of Theology Graduates
Minister Joyce Andrews - rec'd Bachelor's Degree in Theology
Minister Mary Hopkins - rec'd Bachelor's Degree in Theology
Deaconess Khristanna Lewis - rec'd Bachelor's Degree in Theology 

Next class begins August 31, 2019 from 8:30 am - 2:00 pm
Contact Dr. Yolanda Duriso, Chancellor, for more information @ 409-466-1744

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Would you like to learn the excellent
teachings of Jesus and earn your degree in Theology?
Do you want to earn a Theology
Degree?  Do you want to help others get
saved unto righteousness and earn a degree? If you do, Holy Bible Faith Center
Church, has been given the privilege to present Beaumont, TX with an accredited
Theology School.
We have an extended branch of the
Lord’s Outreach School of Theology, of Lake Charles, La.;
President Dr. Russell Beniot. Our branch is located at our
church for your convenience every last Saturday of the month.
View the enclosed registration form
and please sign up.  Welcome aboard.
We need to hear from you as soon as
possible.  Many preparations need to be
made to welcome our students.
Join us as we teach you the
importance of knowing a scripture to take care of your every need.  When you leave our class, you will know how
to use your Bible to find all you need to be a successful
Christian and defeat Satan.
As any successful class study, it will
be up to you if you decide to acquire a Ph.D. in Theology.  The Ph.D. in Theology will be available if you decide to
go into the advance studies of the Bible.  We do not know everything about the Bible, but we are surrounded by many
Bible Scholars that can show you how to find the answers you need, with the
help of the Lord.
Jesus saves,
__________ __________ __________
Dr. Yolanda Gail Duriso, Ph.D.

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